Complementary Solutions

Transaction analysis

  • Ex-ante price analysis
  • Ex-post price analysis
  • Market conformity check
  • PRIIPs transaction cost analysis

Financial risk reporting

  • Risk analysis
  • Value at risk
  • Sensitivities
  • Scenario analysis

Audit support and reporting

In order to provide maximum security and transparency to customers, Value & Risk makes extensive documentations available. Not only are the valuation reports adjusted to the respective customer requirements, the documentation and audit obligations of our customers are also met with a wide range of various audit reports and additional services. Generally, we provide audit reports for all valuations at any level of detail requested. The transparency we achieve is such that, if needed, all our valuations can be checked at any time and in detail.

Benchmarks and derived market data

  • Benchmark regulation
  • Individualized Benchmark- / Index-Calculation
  • Derived market data for illiquid underlyings
  • Credit-Spreads and -Curves
  • Internal ratings


  • Professional and Expert Support
  • Financial or Investment-Analysis
  • Training courses
  • Opinions
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