Appoin­ting Value & Risk as an inde­pen­dent External Valuer allows our clients to reduce comple­xity, mini­mise their liabi­lity risk and focus on their daily business.

Value & Risk is your trusted External Valuer, fully inde­pen­dent, owned by the management and audited according to ISAE 3402 Type II since 2010. We take on liabi­lity, as well as all opera­tional and regu­la­tory aspects of valuation and define, with you, custom-made processes, models, reports and analyses:

  • We valuate quasi all your financial investments

  • We take on the respon­si­bi­lity and liabi­lity for valuation

  • We take over all daily tasks linked to valuation

  • We assure constantly up-to-date valuation infrastructure

  • We act as inter­face with audi­tors and regu­la­tors on valuation audits

  • We interact with clients and inves­tors on valuation questions

  • We provide documentation for due dili­gence and outsour­cing controlling

Focus on your core business

Our offer spec­trum covers almost all invest­ments, ranging from secu­ri­ties and deri­va­tives to private equity and real estate, projects on rene­wable and conven­tional ener­gies, infra­structure, aircraft/ship finan­cing and much more.

Value & Risk meets the highest quality requirements of the industry and super­vi­sory authorities in accordance with the Inter­na­tional Standard on Assurance Enga­ge­ments (ISAE) No. 3402 Type II, covering the design of internal processes and quality assurance mecha­nisms, as well as deter­mi­ning their effec­ti­ve­ness and efficiency.

Thanks to our uncom­pro­mi­sing quality, we have gained a repu­ta­tion for being the go-to provider of high-quality valuation solutions, and our services are highly regarded by customers, audi­tors and super­vi­sory authorities.

Our extre­mely high level of flexi­bi­lity and effi­ci­ency in terms of putting solutions into practice is one of our strengths. The fact that we always create individual reports attuned to customers’ systems and needs, keeps the costs for IT and specialist depart­ments to a minimum and allows smooth and trouble-free integration.
In order to provide our customers with maximum secu­rity and transparency, Value & Risk makes exten­sive documentation available.

We ensure that all our customers’ documentation and audit obli­ga­tions are met via a wide range of audit reports and addi­tional services. Audit reports can be provided for all valuations, with varying depths of detail as requested. The transparency we achieve goes so far that, if needed, all our valuations can be checked at any time and in detail.



One of the most chal­len­ging tasks for our clients is recrui­ting and retai­ning a team of dedi­cated valuation experts, sepa­rated from risk management, with an appro­priate academic back­ground and relevant experience, who can under­stand and evaluate complex investments.


We have a team of 25 expe­ri­enced experts with a relevant academic back­ground (a PhD or master’s in mathe­ma­tics or econo­mics etc.), dedi­cated to the valuation of complex financial assets. Our team can support all your valuation acti­vi­ties fast and effi­ci­ently, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.



Valuation infra­structure is, by nature, very complex and requires large invest­ments in IT equip­ment, valuation soft­ware and quality-assured market data. The cost and effort necessary to build up, regularly update and receive market data can be very signi­fi­cant. Choo­sing an external soft­ware solution can turn out to be a ‘black box’ and decrease certainty and transparency.


At Value & Risk, we use our own, state-of-the-art valuation infra­structure, along with the best market-data sources, fully trans­pa­rent valuation models for prac­ti­cally any asset on the market, the highest IT secu­rity stan­dards and advanced business conti­nuity support. Our soft­ware is deve­loped in-house to give you full transparency and audit security.



Adjus­ting to rapidly chan­ging regu­la­tory requirements is one of the major challenges for any invest­ment manager, i.e. covering the current requirements and prepa­ring for future regu­la­tory initia­tives in terms of compli­ance, operations and costs.


We offer our services to many customers throughout Europe, complying with all relevant regu­la­tions. We continuously update our services in order to provide our customers with quick and effi­cient adjust­ments to new requirements and to make sure they are fully compliant with the most recent regulations.



Any proper valuation infra­structure needs to be docu­mented in an adequate and trans­pa­rent manner. The asset manager must ensure that all valuation models and proce­dures (from collec­ting market data to repor­ting) are all properly docu­mented and updated regularly.


Transparency is funda­mental to our services. We offer a compre­hen­sive package of model, metho­do­logy and process documentation, as well as special audit reports and tools to provide customers, audi­tors and regu­la­tors with the grea­test transparency possible.



One of the primary challenges faced by our clients is ensu­ring that internal, external and super­vi­sory audits are carried out smoothly and without any signi­fi­cant remarks. To do this, they must provide evidence, inclu­ding drill-down details on any valuation results, as well as employee know-how and experience, in order to answer all the auditor’s questions.


Value & Risk is specia­lised and highly expe­ri­enced in suppor­ting internal, external and regu­la­tory audits. When acting as an external valuer, we manage all the audit acti­vi­ties ourselves, ensu­ring that audi­tors are comfor­table with the valuation results.



The asset manager’s or depositary’s management is respon­sible for all valuations performed by its internal valuer func­tion. In case of claims, liabi­lity can be a serious issue for the company and its management.


As an expe­ri­enced external valuer (AIFMD), we take most of the liabi­lity for valuation results. Since 2010, our internal processes and quality assurance mecha­nisms have been audited annu­ally according to ISAE 3402 Type II (by KPMG).



Market compe­ti­tion is often about two important factors: time to market and cost effi­ci­ency. It is very important (in terms of the deve­lo­p­ment of our clients) that they have fast and effi­cient proce­dures to support sales efforts in case of ques­tions about valuation.


We support our customers in ensu­ring timely implementation of new products and customer requests. Our team of experts supports the sales process by supplying answers to valuation and structuring ques­tions, as well as offe­ring special trai­ning and client presentations.